Nature-inspired brand

The founder of the brand spent many years with his sled dogs in several parts of the world. During his stay in Canada, he appreciated the nature intact landscapes, an art of living close to nature and to authentic lifestyle. He kept this in mind and developed the brand Natura Wild with veterinary nutritionists. Thus, Natura Wild offers tasty, nutritious and healthy recipes to meet the requirements of our dogs without any influence by fashion. We stay close to nature and to our pets to provide them what they really need.

The brand born out of passion

Olivier, the founder of the brand, is a breeder of purebred Siberian Husky with international notoriety. More than 200 championship titles, including International, World and European champions have been won by his dogs throughout the world. He used to take his dogs for sled expeditions in different parts of the world, most of the time without assistance to live the fusional relationship with his dogs as closely as possible.

At this time, he could not really find the quality of food his dogs needed for their activity. Therefore, in 1995, Olivier decided to work on high quality petfood, supported by veterinarians and nutritionists and where he could himself select high quality ingredients to improve the nutritional quality. More than just a petfood brand, Natura Wild is a state of mind dedicated to healthy nutrition.

Powered by passion for our pets

Our pets share more and more our life and has adapted themselves to the constraints of our modern life. In the last decades, for some of them, life is too sedentary whereas other dogs live a sportive, sometimes excessive life.
Natura Wild is intended to contribute to the well-being of all our pets by providing highest level of nutrition, balanced diet to meet the requirements of all kind of dogs. 

Natura Wild helps move the petfood industry forward and change mindset. All Natura Wild products are proudly manufactured by a family-owned company and are distributed worldwide.