Nature-inspired brand

Natura Wild

Inspired by Canadian nature and focused on the nutritional needs of our dogs, Natura Wild provides a healthy and balanced diet for dogs. Far away from the currents of fashion, we choose to stand close to our pets by selecting nutritious raw materials. Our products are manufactured in France.

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Animal ingredients
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Animal protein, meat and fish

Dogs are related to wolves, and they are carnivores with a formidable morphological, anatomical and physiological arsenal for eating and digesting live prey.

This is why meat is the first ingredient in all our recipes, and they all have a high content of animal protein. We offer your companions, carnivores by nature, a true return to the sources. The formulation of our food is thought to make the central place to animal proteins, to best meet the nutritional needs of your dog.

Recipes with high meat content

With 40% fresh meat, it is the biologically appropriate diet for carnivores, namely a large proportion of meat, a small amount of vegetables and fats.

Grain Free

Rich in proteins, our recipes contain no trace of cereals or gluten, which helps improve digestive comfort and prevents food sensitivities.

To satisfy these carnivores, the recipes are inspired by their natural needs and offer them a balanced quality food. The hypoallergenic ingredients produced in France therefore meet their nutritional needs.

Canadian Inspired Recipes

Our tasty, healthy and nutritious recipes were inspired by nature and love for animals. 

In fact, the brand is inspired by the natural needs of dogs to produce food that meets those needs, balanced in their nutrient intake. You thus feed your pet with French and tasty products.